Quick Trigger Keyboard: Functions and Benefits

Quick Trigger Keyboard: Functions and Benefits

What is the Quick Trigger Keyboard?

Rapid trigger is a feature designed to enhance responsiveness and speed by dynamically adjusting the actuation and reset points of the keys.

Currently, the Rapid Trigger is mainly bound to magnetic switch keyboards. The magnetic switch's exceptionally short trigger key travel allows it to respond to the player's operating intention much faster, which is compatible with the "press to trigger, lift to stop" gaming experience provided by the RT function. In addition, magnetic switch keyboards usually have a lower latency speed.

With the advantages of the extremely short trigger point and low latency of magnetic switch keyboards, the potential of the Rapid Trigger can be fully utilized.

4 akko rapid trigger keyboards

How Does Rapid Trigger Work?

A traditional mechanical switch must go through a set actuation point to register a keypress, then return to a fixed reset point before you can press it again.

With rapid trigger mode, the reset point moves dynamically. The switch resets as soon as it starts moving upward, responding to the slightest downward and upward pressure, meaning actuation and resetting are nearly instantaneous, unaffected by any key-related latency.

Dynamic Response: Rather than relying on a fixed point in the key travel to activate and reset, the Fast Actuation responds based on the distance the key travels. This dynamic adjustment ensures faster, more efficient key presses.

the ways of rapid trigger keyboard

Rapid Repeated Keystrokes: Because keys can be activated and reset while in motion, you can perform repeated keystrokes faster without having to fully release the key after a fixed reset point.

Customization: A rapid trigger allows fine-tuning of sensitivity with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. You can set the keyboard to start responding at a 2mm press depth, trigger at an additional 0.1mm, and reset at 0.1mm. This allows users to tune the keyboard to their preferred responsiveness, making it ideal for fast-paced gaming and typing.

What Are the Benefits of Rapid Trigger Keyboard?

structure of the magnetic switch

Faster, faster, faster: Rapid trigger minimizes the delay between pressing a key and registering the action in-game. You get faster reactions, giving you more chances to win.

More accurate: With customizable actuation and reset points, gamers can fine-tune the keyboard to their liking. This results in more precise keystrokes and fewer mispresses.

More comfortable: An easy-to-use keyboard can make you stronger in the game, and of course, it will also make you more comfortable while playing the game. Since keys require less travel to register and reset, you can perform actions with less physical effort.

More flexible: You can adjust the sensitivity of the keys down to 0.1 mm, tailoring the keyboard's responsiveness to your specific needs and play style.

More consistent: Rapid trigger ensures consistent key performance, reducing the variability that can occur with traditional mechanical switches. It is useful for maintaining peak performance in competitive gaming.

Overall, a rapid-trigger keyboard enhances a gamer's performance by providing faster, more accurate, and less physically demanding key inputs, contributing to a better gaming experience.


Examples of Rapid Trigger Works in Games

Whether you're playing a high-speed FPS, a strategy game requiring quick commands, or rhythm games like OSU and games that rely on WASD movement, rapid trigger keyboards deliver a competitive advantage by reducing input lag, ensuring your in-game actions behave as you intended with exceptional precision.

Let’s check what rapid trigger can help you in Valorant game.

Valorant game

When the player move, their shooting accuracy deteriorates; when they stand still, their shooting accuracy increases. In this way, if the player need to momentarily stop moving before shooting, a maneuver known as "strafing." Rapid trigger can help the player stop moving faster than their opponents, giving them an advantage in engagements.

Let’s get specific. If the player presses a key to the bottom at 4 mm, lifts it to 3 mm, presses it down to 3.5 mm, lifts it to 2.5 mm, and presses it down again, with rapid trigger mode, the player completes two strafes and resumes movement. However, with a traditional mechanical keyboard, where the trigger point is fixed at 2 mm, the same actions would only register as continuous movement without stopping, failing to achieve the strafing.

Key Differences Between Rapid Trigger and Traditional Keyboards


Traditional Keyboards

Rapid Trigger Keyboards

Activation and Reset Points

Fixed actuation and reset points that must be surpassed for a key press to register and reset

Dynamically adjust activation and reset points based on key travel distance, allowing for instant activation and quicker reset

Response Time

It can have higher latency due to the fixed points that keys must pass

Minimize latency by activating and deactivating keys instantly, resulting in faster response times, especially for rapid inputs

Keystroke Efficiency

Require full key travel for each press and release, which can be slower for repetitive actions

Allow for quicker successive keystrokes without needing full key resets, ideal for rapid-fire commands or complex sequences


Limited customization options for actuation and reset points

Offer extensive customization, allowing users to adjust sensitivity levels to as precise as 0.1 mm, tailoring the keyboard's responsiveness to individual preferences

Essentially, quick trigger keyboards redefine user interaction by offering enhanced speed, precision, and customization options compared to traditional keyboards, which makes them particularly beneficial for demanding applications such as gaming and high-speed typing.

What Keyboards Have Rapid Trigger?(Product Recommendation)

As I mentioned, fast trigger is now tied to magnetic switch keyboards. But is fast trigger only possible with magnetic switches? No, fast trigger is also possible with optical switches.

However, with magnetic switch keyboards, you can use software to change the trigger point of the switch to make it longer or shorter. Optical switches do not support this.

Akko provides various magnetic keyboards with various layouts, different materials, and different manufacturing processes. You can always find one you like! And here are our most pouplar keyboards with rapid trigger feature, designed for quick and responsive keystrokes. Each model is engineered to enhance your typing and gaming experience with precision and speed. Let's check!

MOD 007B HE Black & Silver ISO

MOD 007B HE Black & Silver ISO magnetic keyboard

Akko MOD 007B keyboard is our first wireless aluminum magnetic switches ISO layout keyboard.  Aluminum frame makes the whole keyboard look more textured and more robust.

As a magnetic switch keyboard, it support rapid trigger, Dynamic Keystrokes, Mod-Tap, and Toggle Key, which can level up your gaming experience.

20 preset backlighting modes, allowing you to adjust according to your needs.

Besides, we offer an extra set of French keycaps if you choose the ISO-FR layout, get your Akko Mod 007B Black & Silver ISO magnetic keyboard today!

MOD 007 V3 HE Year of Dragon

MOD 007 V3 HE Year of Dragon rapid trigger keyboard

This keyboard is the Year of Dragon Limit keyboard, and the motif on the keycaps was inspired by the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Advanced color matching and exquisite and delicate patterns are the result of complicated craftsmanship that is incredibly challenging.

Click to see how unique MOD 007 V3 HE Year of Dragon keyboard is!

In addition to the magnetic switch keyboard's rapid trigger, dynamic keystrokes, mod-tap, and toggle key, this keyboard boasts an 8K polling rate, providing you with the best experience possible.

MonsGeek M1W V3 HE-SP

MonsGeek M1W HE-SP rapid trigger keyboard

MonsGeek is a sub-brand of Akko. This MonsGeek M1W V3 HE-SP keyboard is MonsGeek’s first wireless aluminum magnetic switch keyboard.

MonsGeek M1W V3 HE-SP, like MOD 007 V3 HE Year of Dragon, supports 8K polling rate, rapid trigger, dynamic keystrokes, mod-tap, and the toggle key. Give you the finest gaming experience!

Learn more about how the MonsGeek M1W V3 HE-SP can help you in your gaming.


Rapid trigger keyboards revolutionize user interaction with its increased speed, precision, and customization choices. These keyboards provide substantial benefits to gamers wanting for faster reactions and precise keystrokes, as well as professionals seeking efficiency and comfort.


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