Black & Gold PC75B Plus v2

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Switch: Akko CS Crystal

Knob Version PC75B Plus SeriesCustom Mechanical Keyboard.

RGB LED backlighting + Hotswappable + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4G wireless+ wired (USB-C Mode) All in One!

The PC75B plus comes with 25 animal deco keycaps. The v2 version has improved the top structure to provide a better typing experience without having to modify it. Compared to the B-series keyboard, the plus version supports an audio visualiser in 2.4G mode and users can adjust the idle time for 2.4G and Bluetooth modes in the Akko Cloud driver.

In addition, the battery level is updated in real time to 3000 mAh. This can be checked in the Akko Cloud driver. In addition, the PC75 plus is equipped with a volume/brightness control. Anyone who is a fan of knobs will not be able to reject this keyboard.

ASA Profile PBT keycaps Double-Shot:
  • ASA key cap height

  • the selected PBT material is durable and wear resistant

  • Let the features come into their own: selected raw materials are not easily soiled, in the comfortable keycap profile

Hotswap Mechanical Switch- supports 3 pins and 5 pins.

As a hot-swappable keyboard, the PC75B Plus is compatible with almost all MX switches that have 3 and 5 pins.

The hot-swap feature gives you, for the PC75B Plus keyboard, the flexibility to customise your typing experience without the hassle of soldering. You can simply remove the switch and insert others as needed.

Full key without punch:
  • Full key without punch:Easy handling with multiple devices

  • Press multiple keys at the same time without problems

  • Enjoy faster typing speed, no lags or issues for a smooth typing experience

3 modes of connectivity.

The keyboard has 3 connection modes: an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection, stable Bluetooth 5.0 and a reliable wired USB connection.

Akko Switch Options: 
  • Top mount structure improved over v1;

  • Battery capacity: 3000mah; SMD LED RGB backlight;

  • Top mount; Built-in 2.4G receiver slot; IXPE switch pad;

  • Polycarbonate plate & case; Silicone case foam;

  • Hotswap, compatible with 3/5-pin mechanical switches, supports Cherry Switch/ Gateron Switch/ Kailh BOX Switch, etc;

  • PC75B Plus with Beken Plus Multi-mode Chip Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz/Type-C Wired Triple Modes;

  • Akko Double-Shot TPU plate mount stabilizer;

  • Silicone case foam and switch pad.

  • 25 decorative keycaps to decorate your keyboard;

  • Programmable with Akko Cloud Driver;

  • PBT keycaps & 18 RGB backlight effects.

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