Genshin Impact Wiki 5108S – Keqing

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Switch: TTC Speed Silver
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Akko Genshin Impact Wiki 5108S – Keqing is in AKKO's limited series of mechanical keyboards (LIMITED EDITION) with the design inspired by the character Yae Sakura in the famous video game Genshin Impact Wiki released by MIHOYO

Limited edition, for fans of Genshin Impact Wiki and Keqing Built-in RGB background led and 5-pin Hotswap for those who like custom/mod as they like
Layout Full size is easy to get used to and change the keycap

Model: 5108 (108 keys, full-size)
Connection: USB Type C, detachable
RGB background LED (Backlit, SMT bottom form without switch) with many modes
Support hot change switch (hot-swap, 5 Pins)
With 3.5mm thick EVA (between the plate and PCB) EVA (between the plate and the PCB)
Stab pre-lubed and pre-refined
Dimensions: 442x132x41mm | Weight 1.2 kg
Keycap: PBT Dye-Sublimation, JDA profile
Switch type: TTC Speed Silver
Support NKRO / Multimedia / Macro / Windows Key Lock
Accessories: 1 user manual + 1 key puller + 1 dust cover + 1 USB cable + Keycap included
Compatible: Windows / MacOS / Linux
AKKO keyboard when connected to MacOS: (Ctrl -> Control | Windows -> Command | Alt -> Option, Mojave OS and above will adjust the order of these keys)