Year of Tiger PC75B Plus

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Switch: TTC Flame Red Switch

This is a limited edition Akko Year of Tiger keyboard with JDA dye-sub keycaps.
Comes with pre-lubed Akko swtiches.

Knob Version B Plus Serie Custom Mechanical Keyboard.

The PC75B plus comes with the updated Akko Beken Plus multi-modes, compared to the B-series keyboard, the plus version supports audio visualisation in 2.4G mode.
Users can adjust the idle time for 2.4G and Bluetooth mode in Akko Cloud Driver. In addition, the battery level can be checked in real time in the Akko Cloud driver. The top right knob provides easy access to volume control and play/pause. PBT keycaps with ASA profile provide not only durability but also maximum comfort.

Mechanical hotswap switch - Supports 3 pins and 5 pins.

As a hot-swappable keyboard, the PC75B Plus is compatible with all MX switches with 3 and 5 pins.
Thanks to the hot-swap function, the PC75B Plus mechanical keyboard gives you the flexibility to customise your typing experience without the hassle of soldering. You can simply remove the switch and install others as needed.
Premium workmanship and the highest quality.

3 modes of connectivity.

The keyboard has 3 connection modes: a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, stable Bluetooth 5.0 and a reliable wired USB connection.


  • Use the improved Akko Beken Plus multi-mode solution;
  • Leveled top-mount structure;
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh (power consumption in wireless mode without backlight: 12mA).
  • SMD LED RGB backlight;
  • CR PCB foam with silicone switching pad;
  • 1.5mm PC board;
  • Silicone case foam;
  • 5-pin TTC gaming hot-swap socket;
  • Knob: Spray paint metal (please use with care);
  • Keyboard angle: 5 °/8.3 °/11.6 °
  • Software: Akko Cloud (supports audio visualiser in 2.4G mode).