Akko x MonsGeek 16-Tasten-Schaltertester


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Akko x MonsGeek 16-Tasten-Schaltertester aus Acryl mit staubdichter Abdeckung

Wir haben eine große Auswahl verschiedener Schalter von drei verschiedenen Marken ausgewählt, damit Benutzer sie zu minimalen Kosten testen können.

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Customer Reviews

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Davide C.
Prima esperienza con Akko... insomma

Arrivato (con calma) dentro una scatolina di cartoncino dentro una scatola sovradimensionata senza alcuna imbottitura. Non è presente il coperchio. 1 switch cherry, 2 TTC, 2 Gateron e il resto switch Akko, 16 in totale, misti... tutti colorati ma senza nessuna legenda/didascalia/riferimento (non ho trovato neanche corrispondenza con le immagini sopra)... quindi alla fine ho 16 switch un po' tutti uguali che se volessi ordinarne un set dovrei andare a simpatia di colore...
... prima esperienza con Akko... insomma

Good product, but order was incomplete.

I recivied the product in a timely manner but, the product was missing 3 switches.


Great for testing different switches. Fast delivery!

Exceptional Typing Experience & a great customer support

I'm absolutely thrilled with my experience with Akko Gear! The keyboard I purchased has exceeded my expectations in both quality and performance. Unlike any commercial keyboards I've used previously, this one offers superior keycap quality and an exceptional typing experience, significantly improving both my speed and accuracy.

Although there was a minor delay in the shipping process, unrelated to Akko Gear but rather due to the courier in my country, their customer support promptly assisted me in resolving the issue.

The only minor discrepancy was in the layout, which differed slightly from my initial expectation. Nevertheless, the craftsmanship of the keyboard far surpasses any commercial keyboards I've encountered before.

Looking forward, I hope to see an expanded range of keyboards on their website, particularly with ISO layouts and ideally, keyboards with separate Italian KeyCaps. This expansion would greatly benefit Italian-speaking customers like myself.

Overall, I highly recommend Akko Gear for their exceptional product quality, fantastic customer support, and dedication to improving the typing experience for their customers. I'll definitely be returning for future purchases and eagerly await their expanded keyboard range!

very great

i found this switch tester very useful for helping select what switch to consider buyng, would reccomand