Schwarz und Silber 5075B Plus ISO


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layout: ISO-DE
Schalten: V3 Cremegelb Pro
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Schwarz und Silber 5075B Plus ISO

ISO-Layout + RGB-LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtung + Hot-Swap-fähig + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2,4G Wireless + Kabelgebunden (USB-C-Modus) Alles in einem!

Akko V3 Cremegelb Switch Pro

Typ: Linear
Betätigungskraft: 50 gf ± 5 gf
Gesamtweg: 3,3 mm
Vorweg: 2,0 ± 0,6 mm
Taktile Position: N/A
Taktile Kraft: N/A

Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro Switch

Typ: Taktil
Betätigungskraft: 45 ±5 gf
Gesamtweg: 3,30 mm
Vorweg: 2,2 ± 0,5 mm
Taktile Position: 0,10 mm
Taktile Kraft: 55 ± 5 gf

5-polig Hot-Swap-fähig

Ausgestattet mit hochwertigen Hot-Swap-Steckdosen, die es Benutzern ermöglichen, gewünschte Schalter nachträglich auszutauschen.

PBT Double-Shot-Tastenkappen

Hergestellt aus PBT und die Legenden werden durch einen Double-Shot-Prozess hergestellt, der eine der dauerhaftesten Beschriftungsmethoden ist, um Verschleiß oder Verfärbung bei Gebrauch zu verhindern.


Drücken Sie, um zwischen Lautstärke und Licht umzuschalten, und drehen Sie nach links oder rechts, um die Größe, Lautstärke/Lichthelligkeit anzupassen. Helfen Sie dabei, den Arbeitsablauf zu verbessern und die Leistung zu kontrollieren.


Akko-Tastatur mit Dichtungsmontage ist eine Art mechanische Tastatur, die ein Dichtungsmaterial wie Silikon oder Neopren verwendet, um eine „schwebende“ Halterung für die Schalter zu schaffen. Die Dichtung wird zwischen der Platte und der Leiterplatte platziert, was ein flexibleres und gedämpfteres Tipperlebnis ermöglicht.

Dieses Design ermöglicht mehr Flexibilität und Dämpfung, was zu einem weicheren Tippgefühl führen kann.

Schwarz und Silber 5075B Plus ISO


Erfahren Sie mehr über Schwarz und Silber 5075B Plus ISO wie Hotkeys, Systembefehle, Schwarzlichteinstellungen und mehr im Benutzerhandbuch.




Bluetooth5.0 / 2,4 GHz / USB Typ-C


Nach Süden ausgerichtetes RGB


3-Pin / 5-Pin-Unterstützung



Schwarz-Silber 5075B Plus ISO-Tastenkappen


ISO - UK-Layout

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Absolutely love it!!

Good quality and nice sounding switches. This is my first mechanical keyboard and I love typing on it!

5075B Plus is very nice

Looks good, not too flashy in gray, but sounds and feels great.

Good quality overall

Everything worked out of the box as expected with no preparation.
Delivery took just less than 2 weeks.
Thank you

Fantastic quality for the price!

I went from an old rubber dome keyboard to this and I was sure in for a treat!

I picked the V3 Cream Blue Pro switches on which I can actually rest my fingers between keypresses, much like rubber domes but the switches feel a lot better to type on, are less heavy and much faster in response time. Works great for games too. I'm waiting for a couple packs of Penguin silent tactile switches since while the Cream Blues feel and sound good, they are loud and I want to try a silent alternative.

The entire keyboard feels like premium quality. Even the ABS frame feels like something more expensive. It's heavy enough to not move around while typing and the incline settings are perfect. The gasket-mount design and sound dampening has all been designed with quality in mind. I'm pretty sure the switches and stabilizers are pre-lubed too. The hotswap features plus the fact that the PCB is south-facing gives you endless customization features.

The RGB features are pretty much endless with lots of presets and all the customizability you'd want if you use the Akko Cloud Driver, where you can of course remap keys and set up your own Fn combos and much more.

I haven't tried the wireless functions since I don't really need them, but it's just another thing that's amazing about this keyboard at this price. The USB dongle is hidden on the underside in a smart way. I wish there was a way to turn off the battery indicator LED though, when not even using the wireless functionality.

I got the UK ISO version since it included a nordic set of keycaps, but it included a lot more. Lots of other keycaps in white and the usual keycap and switch pullers. I would've wanted a PrintScreen, Pause and a flatter Delete keycap in black to match my remapping done with the driver, but one can only get so much in this luxury package.

Coming from an old keyboard to this is an amazing feeling. I will recommend Akko's products to everyone I know! Even if shipping to Sweden in my case took 2 weeks it was well worth it.

Amazing keyboard

Order came sooner than expected and I didn't have any additional cost. I love the keyboard, it's heavy and it has a nice feel and sound when typing. The only thing that I don't like is that it has a very short battery life.