MonsGeek M1 V3 QMK DIY Kit


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75% 82-key Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard with Knob

MonsGeek M1 V3 QMK DIY Kit

With an upgraded knob, simplified design by removing side accents, and internal improvements for better sound locking and noise reduction, the M1 V3 will offer greater flexibility for experimenting with different sound profiles.

For Multi-mode Barebones and Pre-assembled, please click here.

75% Layout | Space-efficient

Fully Upgraded

Programable Knob

This modification stems from user input and feedback. M1 V3 Series includes a fresh encoder and a floating design to prevent scratches on the case, as indicated in the earlier model.

Easily control the volume and lighting and program to other funtions.

RGB Backlit

The south-facing PCB of the M1 V3 barebone avoids causing interference with Cherry profile keycaps, offering more compatibility and flexibility.

5-pin Hot-swappable

Featuring high-quality hot-swappable sockets for easy switch changes.

PORON Plate Foam

MonsGeek M1 V3 QMK DIY Kit is equipped with PORON plate foam, effectively reducing the noise generated by key switches, ensuring a purer and more comfortable tactile sound experience for the keyboard.

Polycarbonate Plate

MonsGeek M1 V3 QMK DIY Kit utilizes a transparent PC plate to offer flexibility surpassing that of metal, while also reducing low-frequency resonance.

Plate-mounted Stabilizers

MonsGeek M1 V3 QMK DIY Kit utilizes plate-mounted stabilizers, which effectively minimizes keycap wobbling.

QMK/VIA Support

MonsGeek M1 V3 DIY Kit supports VIA for cross-platform (Linux/Mac/Windows) advanced keyboard configuration.

This feature is exclusively for international version of M1 V3 DIY Kit.

MonsGeek M1 V3 QMK DIY Kit


Learn more about the MonsGeek M1 V3 QMK DIY Kit ​such as the hotkeys, system commands, backlight setting, and more in the user manual.

User Manual



Gasket Mount


USB Type-C


South-facing RGB

Hot Swappable:

3-Pin / 5-Pin Support

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