V3 Cremegelb Pro Switch (45 Stück)


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Typ: Linear
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Lineare Schalter der Akko v3-Generation;

45 Stück pro Karton.

Name: Cremegelb Pro
Typ: Linear
Betätigungskraft: 50 ± 10 gf
Gesamtweg: 3,3 mm
Vorhub: 2,0 ± 0,6 mm
Taktile Position: N/A
Taktile Kraft: N/A

Wird mit einer Struktur im MX-Stil geliefert und passt daher auf die meisten Tastenkappensätze mit (X)-Kreuzschaft.

Cream Yellow Pro ist eine verbesserte Version von Cream Yellow.

Wesentliche Änderungen:

  • 5-Pin-Schalter (bessere Stabilität)
  • Staubdichter Stiel (bessere Stabilität)
  • Rüsten Sie den Silberkontakt auf Palladiumgold auf
  • Werten Sie Phosphorkupfer zu legiertem Kupfer auf
  • Geschmierte Schiene zur Reduzierung der Reibung

Insgesamt sollte es ein konsistenteres Tipperlebnis bringen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Made my keyboard work

I put them on an Iqunix zx75, that came with Cherry MX Browns. They were pingy af. I was delighted when I replaced them with these switches. The lubing is done right and the sound and feel are both great. They took 15 days to ship to Greece and did not pay any import taxes. Overall great experience.

Great products and great service

Handled my order pretty quick and the quality was very nice.
Had a request to switch product but they already shipped it but customer support handled it great

Nice services

Fast delivery to Finland, fast respond services. It was just nice tbh


It’s ok

Pretty good for the price

Ordered 2 of these for 32€ with shipping and taxes. They're pretty good, similar weight to my MX Reds, but they feel way better. Factory lubing is also pretty good, you can see the lube in the stem. For gaming, it's just your average switch, not better than any gaming keyboards, but also not worse (it does feel way better than most of the gaming keyboards out there)
The box is pretty, but i don't like the plastic tray in which they come in because I left my nail getting them out of the tray. But damn the box looks good.