Carbon Retro Keycap Set

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Profile: Cherry(229-key)

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Akko Carbon Retro Color Scheme Keycap Set(229-key) - Version Cherry Profile

AKKO Carbon Retro keycaps set adopts a few vintage color combinations of carbon black and off-white and a hint of burnt orange to present a retro feel. The design evokes a sense of nostalgia for the Old West, like a steam train powering through the last leg of a long journey. Well-packed keycaps set with a custom storage box can be an ideal gift for anyone who’s into colors.

Double Shot PBT High-Quality Material

For ultimate typing experience and durability, we go with PBT material instead of ABS. Compared to ABS material, PBT is less common and feel textures and more more durable. It’s dry and not easy to get oily. It won’t wear down over time like ABS does.


Material: PBT

Printing Method: Double Shot

Special Keys Diagram: -

Spacebar: 6.25U/7U

Shift; 2.25/2.75/1.75U

Enter: 2.25/2U

Tab: 1.5U

CapsLock: 1.75U/Stepped keycaps

Backspace: 2U


AKKO Carbon Retro ASA Low-profile Keycaps set

Keycap puller

A well-made storage box

Please note: This is Keycap! Keycap! Keycap only! Not Keyboard !!!