Los Angeles Themed Keycap Set (158-key)

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Akko Los Angeles Themed(158-Key) - ASA Profile Version

As an ultimate tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Team, AKKO has successfully showed their love for the community and the basketball team. Selected two iconic colors, purple shades and vivid gold, highlight the keys to present the vibe and energy we love. As to give off the passion for the sport, we have added a little beige to it to represent the pureness.

Made from high quality PBT and shaped in satisfying unique ASA profile and compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, this keycap set is available in a number of kits to fit any board.

Made through PBT double-shot process, these keys are resistant to friction, fading, and shining with crisp legends. The black and cyan set has upgraded texture patterns from the last generation so that the texture on the keycaps are deep and firm.

The keycap set comes out with a standard ANSI layout and large keycaps (especially spacebar) may not fit with some keyboard base with non-standard layouts. We recommend Cherry-style stabilizers for plug-and-play installation. Mod may be required for other types of stabilizers for large keys

Keycaps Overview

Solid Collection Box

Akko keycaps set comes with a beautiful and unique storage box so that keycaps and keycaps puller could be collected on the keycaps box. It will be a great gift on any occasion.

Customization Flexibility

198-key keycap set is suitable for a variety of layouts including but not limited to 61-key(60%), 68-key (65%), 84-key (75%), 87-key (TKL), 98-Key (Classic 1800), 100-Key (96%) and full 108-key size

Cute Novelty Keycaps

Comes with novelty keycaps including a paw key, flower key, and fish key. The novelty keycaps bring fun to the keyboard