MOD 007 V3 QMK DIY Kit

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MOD 007 V3 VIA – Elevating the MOD 007 Series to the Next Level:

Aluminum Oxidized Case (White is the Aluminum Spray-painted);

Premium Flexy Experiences of Per-Key Flex-Cut PCB (no RGB);

South-facing PCB;


Gasket Mount;

PORON Plate and Case Foams;

Support VIA for cross-platform (Linux/Mac/Windows) advanced keyboard configuration.

Gasket Mount 

A gasket mount keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that uses a gasket material, such as silicone or neoprene, to create a “floating” mount for the switches. The gasket is placed between the plate and the PCB, which allows for a more flexible and cushioned typing experience.

This design allows for more flex and cushioning, which can result in a softer typing experience.

Double Shot Plate Mount Stabilizer 

The stabilizer comes with POM housing and POM+TPU stem to minimize rattle and pings. They are Akko proprietary and meant to provide better out of box experiences.

The keyboard also supports screw-in stabilizers.

VIA enables you to easily create macros and remap your keyboard layout to quickly access any function in any program. You can modify keys and customize your keyboard to suit your needs using the VIA software.


Aluminum Weight


Customer Reviews

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nice keyboard but with a flaw

In the keyboard the material and quality is given with a polycarbonate plate and also one in FR4. the keyboard plays well even if I stabilizers are not good the pre lube however helps the keyboard with all the foam it sounds good and quite creamy but not as many as I would like since other brands offer more creaminess in their keyboards but, but the little creaminess is due al pe foam too thin since adding more foam to the keyboard the keyboard makes a completely different sound and becomes wonderful. in short, adding more foam the sound of this keyboard becomes super creamy and on par with the most famous brands of the moment the flexibility of this keyboard is very high and gives you a wonderful writing experience even adding more foam, without pe foam the keyboard plays still great and thats a big plus from this keyboard from akko.i cant say anything else i love my keyboard even though i was septic at first but after adding some extra foam i loved it (for me this keyboard has a lot of potential , for this I ask you to work on the foam and make it thicker since it makes the keyboard creamyalso the stabilizers need to be improved) thanks for reading my review

Good keyboard bad knob

The Positives:

This keyboard boasts a sturdy, heavy-duty build that feels like it's made to last (although I'm not sure about the precut mobo). Additionally, the sound quality is impressive and is even customizable, which adds a personal touch to your typing experience.

The Negatives:

However, there are a few key issues I encountered. First, the 'space gray' coloration leans more towards purple, possibly due to an issue with the anodization process. This was disappointing as it was not what I expected based on the product description and pictures.

A major concern for me was the wobbly control knob. It not only wobbles, but its height also changes when you turn it. The retailer, Nouvolo, insists this is normal and suggested I fix it myself if it bothers me.


For a product marketed as a premium AKKO keyboard, I was expecting a seamless user experience. Unfortunately, the issues with color and the control knob have led me to reconsider purchasing AKKO keyboards in the future. If you're considering buying this model, please be aware of these potential drawbacks. YouTube video placeholder