MonsGeek ICE 75

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MonsGeek ICE 75

75% 82-key Transparent Mechanical Keyboard with Knob

MonsGeek ICE 75 Fully Assembled

Unlock a new level of typing experience with the MonsGeek mechanical keyboard. Crafted with fully transparent clear PC keycaps, this keyboard allows users to witness the intricate mechanism beneath each key. The Akko V3 Crystal Pro switches ensure a satisfying and precise keystroke, while the transparent acrylic case adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the overall design. Boasting 20 built-in backlight modes and customizable RGB effects, this keyboard offers endless possibilities to create a captivating and personalized typing ambiance.

Furthermore, ICE75 provides the flexibility of dual mount types, empowering users to smoothly switch between the default Gasket structure and the Top-mounted option, ensuring a tailored and versatile typing experience.

Full Translucent PMMA Case

Experience the sleek and contemporary design of the ICE 75 feature, featuring a clear case and dynamic RGB lighting. Discover how the internal mechanisms contribute to its overall style and functionality.

OSA Profile PC Keycaps

The keycaps on the ICE 75 mechanical keyboard are made of transparent polycarbonate (PC), creating a high-quality and vibrant RGB experience. Moreover, they are specifically designed to align with the OSA profile's height, ensuring an efficient typing experience.

Transparent Screw-in Stabilizers

ICE 75 is equipped with screw-in stabilizers that enhance keystrokes, resulting in improved performance and longevity.

ICE 75Multi-Mode

With its multi-mode connectivity options including 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, and USB-C wired connection, you are no longer limited in how you can connect. Moreover, it supports storing up to 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

2.4Ghz Wireless

ICE 75 is equipped with a receiver that allows users to utilize the 2.4GHz wireless mode, providing low latency suitable for gaming and typing purposes.

BT 5.0

ICE 75 makes it easy to connect up to 3 devices with a simple Fn+E/R/T combination, enabling seamless switching between tablets, computers, and phones.

USB-C Wired Mode

ICE 75 offers a choice for users who prefer a USB-C wired keyboard, ensuring consistent and rapid response times for FPS gaming and minimal input lag.

V3 Crystal Pro Switches

  • Type: Linear
  • Operating Force: 45gf ± 5gf
  • End Force: 60gf ± 5gf
  • Total Travel: 3.8mm
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm
  • Material: PC/PC/PC

Gasket & Top Mounted Structure

ICE75 offers dual mount types; users can seamlessly transition between the default Gasket structure and the Top-mounted option, providing a personalized and adaptable typing experience!

South-facing PCB

The south-facing PCB of the ICE 75 avoids causing interference with Cherry profile keycaps during customization, offering more compatibility and flexibility.

Built-in 3000mAh Battery

Take advantage of a high-capacity 3000mAh battery for prolonged periods of uninterrupted typing, gaming, or productivity with minimal need for recharging.

RGB Backlit

ICE75 mechanical keyboard can help you type in the dark with decent backlit. It has over 20 preset backlighting modes.

Users can easily create and tailor their own lighting effects with the MonsGeek Driver, which offers over 16 million unique colors per key, as well as adjustable brightness and animation speed level.

The key/lighting effects customization can be programmed by MonsGeek driver in all three modes.In all three modes, the lighting effects can also achieve audio visualizer effects with MonsGeek driver.

3mm EVA Plate Foam

MonsGeek ICE75 features EVA Plate Foam, enhancing sound dampening for a premium typing experience.

*Disclaimer: Using thicker foam may reduce flex, whether to include it or not is down to your personal preference

Silicone Case Dampener

A VHB insulation layer has been added to the bottom case in order to prevent any short-circuit issues. It’s rare for these issues to occur but we want to add extra protection.

MonsGeek ICE 75


MonsGeek ICE 75, 75% 82-key Transparent Mechanical Keyboard with Knob, features our gradient keycaps and Akko V3 Crystal Pro Switch.

User Manual

Gasket-mounted (compatible with Top-mounted)


Bluetooth5.0 / 2.4GHz / USB Type-C


South-facing RGB

Hot Swappable:

3-Pin / 5-Pin Support

N-Key Rollover:


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
It’s cute

Clicky but after a while my spacebar wasn’t as clicky anymore and sounded heavy. Overal though really nice.

Great keyboard for the price

Great keyboard for the price. Build quality is nice and the additional mounting parts makes it even greater! Sounds nice, looks good and performs well with the 3 different connection choices (BT, USB type-C, 2.4Gz).

If you're looking for a acrylic keyboard, try this one out.

Fantastic product

I had my doubt about a keyboard with clear caps but it really looked a lot better than I imagined once it was in my table. It sounds and feels amazing and the shipping was faster than expected. It's so good I actually have to take it to work with me, because typing just isn't as satisfying without it. Highly recommend.

Typing atmosphere

I bought the blue Akko Monsgeek Ice because of the good pricing and the RGB. And the typing experience was so pleasant, that I bought a second purple color ICE.
I sit a lot behind my computer and my eyes were getting bored and tired and they needed some mood lights. I found a mood light, but was not satisfied.
Then I found the ICE and boy did it succeed in getting the mood going. Everytime I get back to my desk, my keyboard's very attractive lightshow is calling me back to my work.
I type a lot a day, and the clear switches are so good.
I am already advising everyone around me to get this ICE 75

Solid and beautiful

The sound and build quality is amazing. So far the best keyboard I ever had.
And it's absolutely beautiful with many light modes.