SPR 67 DIY Kit

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SPR67 – Akko’s new spring mount barebone, and is also Akko’s first experience on flex-cut ENIG PCB.

The plate of SPR67 is exclusively supported by springs, that you can select to adjust the flexibility. Akko provides 3 sets of springs with different forces so that you can make it stiff or flex by your own.

Hot-swappable + Wired + POM Plate (USB-C Mode)

- ENIG Flex-Cut South-facing PCB (no LED)

A total of 6 spring support PCBs and positioning boards are provided, and Akko will provide a total of 3 sets of different spring forces for users to choose and replace.

The movement of the product is restricted by the positioning column, and the positioning column can be disassembled.


South-facing PCB (no LED);

FR4 / POM Plate;

5-pin Hot-swappable;

Springs: 120g, 170g, 230g (7pcs each);

Wired Connection through USB-C.

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