Steam Engine 5108B Plus ISO DE/Nordic

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Interruttore: Akko CS Jelly Black

The case of the keyboard is not pure white.

Steam Engine 5108B Plus ISO DE/Nordic

RGB LED Backlit + Hot-swappable + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4G Wireless + Wired (USB-C Mode) All in One!

ISO-Nordic to ISO-DE

1. Remove the highlighted keycaps from your keyboard according to the picture above, using the provided keycap puller.
2. Find the ISO-DE keycaps convert set included in the box.
3. Replace the keycaps according to the picture above.




Akko CS Jelly Pink

Type: Linear
Operating Force: 45gf ± 5gf
Total Travel: 4.0 ± 0.3mm
Pre-Travel: 1.9 ± 0.3mm
Tactile Position: N/A
Tactile Force: N/A

Akko CS Jelly Purple

Type: Tactile
Operating Force: 40gf ± 5gf
Total Travel: 4.0 - 0.5mm
Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.3mm
Tactile Position: 0.5 ± 0.3mm
Tactile Force: 56gf ±5gf

Akko CS Jelly Black

Type: Linear
Operating Force: 50gf ± 5gf
Total Travel: 4.0 ± 0.3mm
Pre-Travel: 1.9 ± 0.3mm
Tactile Position: N/A
Tactile Force: N/A

Akko CS Silver

Type: Linear
Operating Force: 43gf±5gf
Total Travel: 3.0 ± 0.3mm
Pre-Travel: 1.0 ± 0.5mm
Tactile Position: N/A
Tactile Force: N/A

5pin Hot-Swappable

Equipped with premium hot-swappable sockets, allowing users to swap desirable switches afterwards.

PBT Double-shot Keycaps

Made of PBT and the legends are made through a double-shot process, which is one of the most durable inscription methods to prevent wear or discolor with use.

Steam Engine 5108B Plus ISO DE/Nordic Keycaps

Come with basic keycaps and extra character keycaps

Steam Engine 5108B Plus ISO DE/Nordic


Learn more about the Steam Engine 5108B Plus ISO DE/Nordic ​such as the hotkeys, system commands, backlight setting, and more in the user manual.

User Manual

Tray Mount


Bluetooth5.0 / 2.4GHz / USB Type-C


North-facing RGB

Hot Swappable:

3-Pin / 5-Pin Support

N-Key Rollover:


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nice but...

It works well Il wifi, in bluetooth have some lag. I really appreciate more keycaps for iso, example Italian one, but is only a dream 😅

All as expected

The order was fast in processing and the item as expected, very high quality/price ratio. This keyboard is highly recomended, a perfect compromise between quality, features and correct price.

Great keyboard & customer service

The keyboard looks absolutely beautiful, I love the design (specifically was looking for a 80s/90s style beige one, and I love the extra orange keys as highlights too).

I'm not a keyboard professional, this is my first mechanical keyboard, and it's really nice to type on (though I'm not sure if I chose the right switches as the low actuation force means I slightly mistype. That's on me though).

When I asked about the delivery time (the postage tracking info said it was running late and I got nervous) the customer support staff were very helpful and prompt, and it arrived with no troubles.

It would be nice if there were UK iso keycaps in stock, as I had to buy spare stickers for that, however I was aware that only DE and Nordic ones were available when buying it.

I like that it's full size, hotswappable, looks great, and is affordable (compared to other ones) and high quality. There was a small issue when I first got it that some of the keys (especially the volume keys) were pressing when I wasn't pressing it, however it's not done that for a while.

Great keyboard

My very first mechanical keyboard.
It's one of the only existing ISO full size keyboard with BT, RF and USB. So great!
A lot of keys are provided to make it compatible to Nordic, DE and UK. As a french, it would have been perfect if FR keys were also provided :).
I did not try any mods. But I already had to change 3 switches which had a few miss (~20% chance of pushing key but nothing happens). Hopefully five spare switches are provided.
BT and RF are working very well. I was surprised by the low latency in BT, even if noticeable, it's not a problem for typing or slow pacing games (playing RPG is no problem).
Akko Cloud Driver has still a long way to go. Version 3 changed things but I think noone understood how to use layouts. I would have liked to be able to move the mouse using the keyboard (for a HTPC usage typically) but sadly you can bind every mouse buttons and wheel but not the mouse movement. I hope a software update will solve everything.
It's still a very good keyboard (a must when discounted).
Please note that the keyboard is sent from China but the customs and taxes are already paid.

Good keyboard, but keycaps are not see-through

Great keyboard, sturdy and customizable (got it for 60€ on sale). Only two downsides for me:
- The keycaps aren't see-through, which is kind of weird since the keyboard has RGB lighting. I ended up taking the keycaps from my old Corsair K70 and they fitted no problem.
- I regret not getting a wrist support with it, as the keyboard case itself is pretty thick/high