Magnetic Keyboard: Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

Magnetic Keyboard: Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

What are Magnetic Keyboards?

Magnetic keyboard is a keyboard with magnetic switches that use magnetic fields to detect key presses. The internal structure of a magnetic switch is composed of a stem, magnet, Hall sensor, and spring. When the key is pressed, the magnet is close to the Hall sensor, altering the magnetic field and triggering a signal to register the key press.

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How Do Magnetic Keyboard Switches Work?

Firstly, let’s know the components of magnetic switches.

  • Magnets: Small magnets are attached to the key stems.
  • Hall Effect Sensors: Sensors located underneath the keys that detect changes in the magnetic field.
  • Keycaps and housings: The keycaps cover the switches, and the housings contain and support the switch mechanism.
Internal structure of the magnetic switch

After we know the composition of the magnetic switch, let's take a look at the working process of the switch.

When the key is pressed, the magnet moves closer to the Hall effect sensor, and the magnetic field around the sensor changes. Then, when the Hall effect sensor detects the change, it will generate an electrical signal proportional to the magnetic field strength. This signal is processed by the keyboard’s controller, which interprets it as a key press.

When the key is released, the magnet moves back to its original position. The magnetic field returns to its baseline state. The Hall effect sensor detects this change and sends a signal to the controller, indicating the key has been released.

What Are the Main Functions of the Magnetic Keyboard?

Rapid Trigger

rapid trigger works

Rapid trigger is the first feature we have mentioned for the magnetic switch keyboard. Rapid triggers allow for ultra-fast response times by minimizing the actuation distance, making them ideal for gamers requiring swift and precise keystrokes during intense gameplay.  You can click here to know more about rapid trigger feature.

Adjustable Actuation Distance

Akko magnetic switches provide extensive customization options, allowing users to adjust the actuation point of each key precisely from 0.1mm to 4.0mm in increments as small as 0.1mm. This level of adjustability caters to diverse preferences in both gaming and typing, enabling users to fine-tune their keyboard for optimal performance and comfort based on individual needs and tasks.

Dynamic Keystrokes

Akko magnetic keyboards can support dynamic keystrokes, which you can achieve via our drive. This feature supports assigning up to four unique actions to a single key, leveraging individual commands and key combinations.
This feature can enhance your control over key actions and empower you to streamline workflow and optimize efficiency.


Mod-Tap allows a single key to perform two distinct functions based on how it is pressed. When you press the key quickly, it triggers one action, and when you hold the key down, it activates a different function. This feature streamlines workflow and enhances gameplay by allowing for efficient key combinations and reducing the complexity of key mappings.

This feature is especially beneficial for compact keyboards, where space is limited and every key counts. By assigning multiple functions to a single key, Mod-Tap maximizes the utility of each key and reduces the need for additional buttons.

Toggle Key

Toggle Key can transform any key into a dynamic toggle switch: either continuously holding down the key or activating it multiple times at a specified frequency, akin to rapid, high-frequency tapping.

Whether it’s extended or precise operation, TGL provides flexible control based on your specific task, improving efficiency and user experience in a variety of applications.


Why Use a Magnetic Switch Keyboard?

Faster keystrokes
Compared with the characteristic of mechanical switches that each key needs to be pressed to the fixed trigger position and then restored to the fixed reset position, the magnetic switch can adjust the travel length so that a short press and short lift can produce a click, thereby achieving quick key pressing.

Magnetic keyboards allow users to adjust the actuation point (the distance the key travels before it registers a press) and the actuation force (the amount of force needed to press the key). This customization is achieved through software that adjusts the sensitivity of the Hall effect sensors.

Magnetic switches maintain consistency over time due to their reliance on the magnetic field rather than mechanical components that are prone to wear. This reliance on magnetic fields ensures that the force required to actuate the switch and the precise point at which activation occurs remain stable throughout the keyboard's lifespan.

Because there is no need to consider the metal spring of the mechanical switch, you only need to go straight up and down, so the magnetic switch keyboard is very smooth. The difference is nothing more than your soft spring smoothness and mine is tough spring smoothness. I personally think it is very comfortable to type.

Because it uses electromagnetic characteristics, there is no physical loss of mechanical switch, so the life is longer than that of mechanical switch.

akko magnetic switch keyboard

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Who is the Magnetic Keyboard Suitable For?

The rapid trigger feature of the magnetic switch is completely born for FPS shooting games and music rhythm games, such as OSU players, who need a single button to send commands in large quantities and quickly.

Therefore, if you are an FPS shooting game player or a music rhythm game player, the magnetic switch is a good peripheral to help you play the game.
If you are a game player who uses a small number of keyboard keys very frequently, the magnetic switch can extend the life of the keyboard and avoid constantly changing the keyboard.

In addition, if you are a user who types a lot and still finds it difficult to get the overall force feedback of the mechanical keyboard, you can try the magnetic switch keyboard; it will be relatively more comfortable.

Discover the ideal AKKO magnetic keyboard to improve your gaming experience with increased precision, faster response times, and customizable options for a competitive edge.

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Magnetic VS Traditional Mechanical Keyboard


Magnetic keyboards use magnets and Hall effect sensors to detect key presses without physical contact, and this is non-contact actuation.In contrast, mechanical switches use metal contacts and springs, whereas key presses are registered by the physical contact of metal components.

Customization of Actuation Points

Users can often customize the actuation point, which is the distance a key must travel to register a press.Mechanical switches, however, have fixed actuation and reset points that cannot be adjusted.

Gaming Benefits

With adjustable actuation points, magnetic switches support features like Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) and Rapid Trigger (RT), enabling quicker in-game responses. Mechanical switches, while evolved to provide excellent tactile and auditory feedback, are often preferred for office use due to their consistent and satisfying key press feel.

Magnetic switches offer flexibility and precision control, ideal for gaming enthusiasts, while mechanical switches excel in providing an enhanced typing experience suitable for office and general use. Understanding these differences will help you choose the switch type that best suits your specific needs.

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Magnetic VS Optical Switch keyboards

Both magnetic and optical switch keyboards are durable because their respective designs minimize wear and tear. However, there are some differences between them.

Ways they works

Optical switches use infrared light beams to detect key presses. When you don't press the key, a barrier blocks the path between a light and a sensor. This makes the sensor act like a switch that's turned off (no connection). When you press the key, the barrier moves, letting light reach the sensor. Now the sensor acts like a switch that's turned on, allowing electricity to flow through the key.

Magnetic switches use magnets and Hall-effect sensors for non-contact actuation.

Response Time

According to the ways optical and magnetic switches work, we know optical switches rely on the interruption of light, which is inherently fast and precise. Compared with a magnetic switch, the trigger speed of an optical switch is faster.


As we have mentioned, the magnetic switch have adjustable actuation and reset points. However, the optical switches generally have fixed actuation points. 

Typing Experience

Magnetic switches focus on smooth operation and durability, while optical switches prioritize speed and precision.

Based on the difference above, optical switches are best for gamers needing fast actuation. Magnetic switches are ideal for those who want customization and versatility for both gaming and typing. 

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Other Questions:

Are magnetic switches good for typing?

Magnetic switches are suitable for typing because they have a smooth keystroke experience, low fatigue potential, adjustable key travel, and fewer physical contact points, which can bring higher durability.

What is a magnetic switch keyboard also known as?

Magnetic switches are also called hall effect keyboards, which come from the Hall effect sensors used in some magnetic switches to detect key presses.

What type of plate does a magnetic switch keyboard use?
Metal plates are commonly used with magnetic switch keyboards. The metal plate serves as a firm base for the keyboard, ensuring the switches' stability and providing a consistent typing and gaming experience. We do not propose utilizing PC/POM plates for stability since they lack the stiffness required to properly fix the switches. Because magnetic switches have such fast response times, even minor displacement can have a severe impact on their performance.


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