ASA Clear Keycap Set (155-Key)

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Color: White v2
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AKKO 155-Key Clear Keycaps Polycarbonate ASA Profile Set for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Compatible with MX-Clone SwitchesCherry/Gateron/Kailh/Akko Switch

Black /White V2 version:  v2 of the ASA Clear Keycap Set has removed the reinforcing rib but still be able to maintain the solid structure of the polycarbonate keycap set. 

Keycaps Specs

Brand: Akko

Color Scheme: Clear Keycap Set

Number of Keys: 155 keys

Profile: ASA Profile

Material: PC

Compatibility: MX structure and its clones

Compatibility with layout: ANSI

Disclaimers: Characters on the ASA Clear keycaps are made through UV printing process with wear-resistant and scratch-resistant tests, and are not easily wiped off. However, large and consistent amounts of hand sweat, oil or chemical composition may still damage the characters. Please also pay attention to fingernail scrapes.

Customer Reviews

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As said, exactly what i was expecting, great quality and very sturdy, the feel at touch is velvety, a plus that i was not expecting. Very satisfied

Great Keycaps

Keycaps are pretty good: they looks solid and well done.
Packaging is amazing!


ASA Clear Keycap Set (155-Key)

Mauro C.M.
The best quality in the price range

the akko jelly black switches came a bit scratchy off the box but nothing that couldn't be solved with a little bit of lube, the keycaps, on the other hand were fantastic the smoky black gloss with the crisp golden hued legends made a great contrast, amplified by the keyboard's lighting I would 100% recommend them, the shipping was fast (took around 7 days, normal days not business days to arrive, I live in Spain). Overall the experience was extremely good and very reasonably priced, if the points mentioned above are consistent on every product I can't not recommend akko products to anyone wanting to delve into the world of mechanical keyboards.