Black & Cyan 3098B Plus

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Switch: Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro

Black & Cyan 3098B Plus

RGB LED Backlit + Hot-swappable + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4G Wireless + Wired (USB-C Mode) All in One!

Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro

Type: Linear
Operating Force: 50 ± 5gf
Total Travel: 3.3 mm
Pre Travel: 2.0 ± 0.6 mm
Tactile Position: N/A
Tactile Force: N/A

Akko CS Jelly Blue

Type: Tactile
Operating Force: 40gf ± 5gf
Total Travel: 4.0 ± 0.3mm
Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.3mm
Tactile Position: 0.3 ± 0.2mm
Tactile Force: 60gf ±5gf

Akko CS Silver

Type: Linear
Operating Force: 43gf±5gf
Total Travel: 3.0 ± 0.3mm
Pre-Travel: 1.0 ± 0.5mm
Tactile Position: N/A
Tactile Force: N/A

Black & Cyan 3098B Plus


Learn more about the Black & Cyan 3098B Plus ​such as the hotkeys, system commands, blacklight setting, and more in the user manual.

User Manual

Tray Mount


Bluetooth5.0 / 2.4GHz / USB Type-C


South-facing RGB

Hot Swappable:

3-Pin / 5-Pin Support

N-Key Rollover:


Customer Reviews

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Not happy at all

Having to currently jump through circus hoops to get some form of a situation solution. Keyboard doesnt work on 2 keys despite doing all 14 suggests troubleshooting tasks, except the one where I was told to check the board and solder it myself (although this would automatically void the years warranty so why it was suggested to me, I have zero clue). Still waiting to hear from akko. Very very disappointed. Not happy at all