Black & Pink Keycap Set ASA Low(155-key)

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Color: Black & Pink

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ASA-Low profile is the lowered version of the standard Akko SA Profile.

Note: ASA-Low profile will cause interference with TTC Demon/Princess (switches with a backlit condenser).

Compatible with a wide range of layout including but not limited to 60%, 64-key, 65%, TKL, 75%, 96%, 1800 and full-size.

7u spacebar for HHKB layout and extra B-key for Alice layout.

ASA-Low keycap sets don’t come with the regular collection box.

Customer Reviews

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Great keycaps for several reasons

I had the opportunity to try the Prunus Lannesiana set through the 3098B model and I must admit that they are fantastic keycaps. First of all, they allow them to be mounted on any keyboard format, from the smallest to the largest. They have excellent build quality, clearly visible legends, and do not cause typos. After several months I still haven't gotten tired of it: these colors that remind you of cherry blossoms always put you in a good mood in the environment you work in. YouTube video placeholder