Blue On White PC75B Plus

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Switch: TTC Gold Pink
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Limited Edition

  • Beken Multimode Chip with BT5.0/2.4Ghz/Type-C All-in-One;
  • Available again in Black&Silver or Blue On White variant with ASA keycaps;
  • Improved Akko Beken Plus Multimode Solution;
  • Levelled top-mount structure; 3000mah; battery capacity.
  • Customised RGB backlighting;
  • Poron PCB foam with silicone switch film; 1.5mm PC plate; silicone plate foam;
  • Rotary knob: spray paint metal (please use with care);
  • Keyboard angle: 5°/8.3°/11.6°;5-pin TTC gaming hot-swap socket;
  • Software: Akko Cloud (supports audio visualiser in 2.4G mode);

Customer Reviews

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Great product and service

I had done quite some research before I bought this product. And I can tell you that I like it very much. It's not cheap nor is it expensive while we compare this with other brands. Though, it feels and sounds like an premium product. Also, if you encounter any kind of issue, in my experience they help you as you would like a brand to help you.