Blue On White PC75B Plus

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Switch: TTC Gold Pink

Limited Edition

  • Beken Multimode Chip with BT5.0/2.4Ghz/Type-C All-in-One;
  • Available again in Black&Silver or Blue On White variant with ASA keycaps;
  • Improved Akko Beken Plus Multimode Solution;
  • Levelled top-mount structure; 3000mah; battery capacity.
  • Customised RGB backlighting;
  • Poron PCB foam with silicone switch film; 1.5mm PC plate; silicone plate foam;
  • Rotary knob: spray paint metal (please use with care);
  • Keyboard angle: 5°/8.3°/11.6°;5-pin TTC gaming hot-swap socket;
  • Software: Akko Cloud (supports audio visualiser in 2.4G mode);