Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary 5075B Plus

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New Cinnamoroll (Limited Edition) Mechanical Keyboard 5075B Plus 82 Keys RGB Wireless Bluetooth 3-mode Hot Plug Kawaii Keyboard for Gaming!

RGB LED Backlight + Hotswap Capable+ Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4G Wireless + Wired (USB-C Mode) All in One!

Difference between Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary 5075B Plus and PC75B V2

a. 5075B Plus comes with Gasket Mount; PC75B V2 comes with Top Mount
b. 5075B Plus uses a redesigned bottom case and adds a 2.4G receiver storage compartment
c. Type-C interface of 5075B Plus has been changed, and it is also more convenient to use the custom coiled aviator cable than the PC75B V2
d. 5075B Plus Comes with ABS Case Material; PC75B V2 comes with Polycarbonate Case Material
e. 5075B Plus with white knob; PC75B V2 with a gold knob
f. The biggest difference is the addition of side LED lights, there is a light-transmitting strip on each side of the 5075B Plus
JDA Sublimation Key Caps:
  • JDA Keycaps Height

  • PBT material is durable and wear-resistant

  • Let the features fully: selected raw materials are not easy to get dirty, in the convenient keycap profile

Full key without punch:
  • Easy to handle multiple keystrokes

  • Press multiple keys at the same time without any problems

  • Enjoy faster typing speed, no delays or problems for smooth typing

RGB Backlight
  • Extensive RGB modes

  • Customizable with both software and hardware

  • Enhance the visual effects on your desktop and enjoy a new experience

The details are as follows:

Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary PC75 V2 Series (Multi Modi)
  • Limited Edition - JDA Dye Sub Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Keycaps;
  • Leveled Top Mounted Structure;
  • Silicone switch pad and case foam;
  • 1.5mm polycarbonate board;
  • 75% mechanical keyboard with rotating knob;
  • Hotswap connector, compatible with 3/5-pin switches, supports Cherry Switch/ Gateron Switch/ Kailh BOX Switch, etc.
  • PC board & CR cotton layer & silicone case foam.
  • PBT keycaps and 18 RGB backlight effects
  • Programmable by Akko Cloud Driver.

Akko offers both wired and multi-host versions (with 2.4G/Bluetooth 5.0/Type-C solution and 3000 mAh battery).



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