Herb Garden Keycap Set (187-Key)

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Model:Herb Garden Keycap Set (187-Key)

Compatible with major layouts including 60%, 64-key, 65% , 75%, TKL, 1800, 96% and full-size.

Supports 1u shift, 1.75u shift, 2u shift, 2.25u shift, 2.75u shift, 6.25u spacebar with in a total of 187 keys in a full set.


- Durable PBT Material

Made of thickened PBT instead of ABS material and dye-Sublimation process, and designed with a matte texture as well as an oil-resistant coating, dry and not easy to get oily, to provide ultimate typing experience and durability.

- Novelty Key Caps

Come with replacement novelty keycaps, and you will enjoy great fun of free matching for your mechanical keyboard.

- Keycaps Removal Tool Available

Come with Akko compact high-quality wire style keycap puller, easy to take keycaps from keyboard off. No need ordering extra tool, save money.


- Fitted with different layout of 61-key, 64-key, 67-key, 68-key, 84-key, 87-key. 100-key(96%), 98-key(1800) and full-sized 108-key, and thus offers strong flexibility for keyboard personalization excluding keyboards with non-standard 7u 6.5u 6u spacebar key or Alice keyboard

- Compatible with Cherry MX Style Structure switches including but not limited to Cherry, Gateron, Akko and Kailh etc

- Good replacement keycap set for most popular Akko and Royal Kludge RK and Keychron Keyboards

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Herb Garden Keycap Set (187-Key)