MOD 004 DIY Kit

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Tray Mount (Mod 004) with 98-Key CNC Mechanical Keyboard Kit,Premium CNC Case,
Hotswap terminal, Compatible with 3/5-pin mechanical switches, supports  Akko CS Switches/Cherry Switches et, Detachable Type-C cable & RGB SMD light  

Please note: This keyboard is a barebone keyboard and requires basic assembly. Switches and keycaps (sold separately).

  • Shipping costs vary by country at checkout;
  • Compact full-size layout
  • Tablet mount;
  • Hot-swappable;
  • Compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches;
  • North-facing RGB backlighting (Akko CS switches cause NO LED interference with Akko Cherry keycap set).
98-key layout hot swappable keyboard kit
Mount Tray (Mod 004) 
  • With the tablet mount on MOD004, the upper case, mounting plate, PCB and the bottom case combined seamlessly allows the keyboard to avoid ball body wobbling at the bottom.

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