MonsGeek M1 HE-SP

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Color: Black
Connectivity: Wired
Switch: Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic

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75% 82-key Aluminum Magnetic Switch Keyboard with Knob

MonsGeek M1 HE-SP

MonsGeek’s first aluminum keyboard features magnetic switches and is also backwardly compatible with 3-pin mechanical switches.

Additionally, with magnetic switches, users can easily customize the actuation distance, which is especially useful for gamers seeking rapid actions at their fingertips, particularly in FPS games, as demonstrated by the following functions: Rapid Trigger, Dynamic Keystrokes

Note: The M1 HE-SP is not compatible with QMK/VIA, please perform the customizations through the MonsGeek Driver.

Adjustable Actuation Distance

These magnetic switches allow users to adjust every key’s actuation point from 0.2mm to 3.8mm in 0.1mm increments, which offers different kinds of pressing  for gaming or typing.

Rapid Trigger (RT)

Rapid Trigger dynamically changes the keys’ actuation and deactivation points. Through the MonsGeek Driver, users can choose “All Buttons” or “Per Button” customization modes, as well as activate “Non-stop Rapid Trigger” for near-instant key response. This gives FPS gamers a competitive edge in fast-paced gameplay.

For example, when gamers enable RT, they can achieve “Counter-Strafe“ in VALORANT games.

Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS)

Pressing a key can trigger four different key operations.

Depending on your keypress force: a light press triggers action 1, a deeper press activates action 2, and releasing the key also supports a two-stage key setting.

DKS Display

"CS:GO" and "Valorant" need to "emergency stop" to achieve for rapid strikes, you can through the dynamic key range function, set the W key to shallow press trigger W, lift the set trigger S, you can realize the "emergency stop" and "Running and hitting" operation after getting used to it.

On-board Memory

With on-board memory, you can save your preferred settings without keeping the software or drivers on, ensuring easy access to your personalized configurations.

Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch

  • Type: Linear
  • Operating Force: 50gf ± 10gf
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm

Compatible with Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches and 3-pin mechanical switches 

The magnetic switches adopted Hall effect sensor, making great advances in faster and more precise key triggers comparing to traditional mechanical switches.

Side-printed Backlit Keycaps

M1 HE-SP comes with gradient-effect shine-through keycaps and a side print design, creating a visually stunning effect while improving the visibility and legibility of individual keys.

OEM Profile Keycaps

OEM profile keycaps are designed to bring maximum comfort, keeping hand in a natural state to minimize hand fatigue after long-time use and help users minimize typos.

PBT Double-shot Keycaps

Keycaps from M1 HE-SP keyboard are made of durable PBT double-shot, which helps resist the shine that occurs from oils and sweat on the fingers.

Upgraded Renovated Encoder

The encoder has been upgraded with changes in its height and the plastic inside the knob, resulting in a more stable structure.


Golden Accent

Adding a touch of class and elegance, we opted to add a beautiful golden accent so that no matter which way you look at it, you’ll fall in love over and over again.

RGB Backlit

M1 HE Aluminum mechanical keyboard can help you type in the dark with decent backlit. It has over 20 preset backlighting modes.

You can easily create and tailor your own lighting effects with the MonsGeek Driver, which offers over 16 million unique colors per key, as well as adjustable brightness and animation speed level.

The key/lighting effects customization can be programmed by MonsGeek driver in all three modes.In all three modes, the lighting effects can also achieve audio visualizer effects with MonsGeek driver.

PORON Plate Foam

M1 HE pre-built keyboard is equipped with PORON plate foam, effectively reducing the noise generated by key switches, ensuring a purer and more comfortable tactile sound experience for the keyboard.

Aluminum Plate

M1 HE utilizes an aluminum plate for a stiffer and higher-pitched sound profile, for those who want to be heard instead of pc plate.

Plate-mounted Stabilizers

M1 HE magnetic switches keyboard utilizes single-color plate-mounted stabilizers, which effectively minimizes keycap wobbling.

3mm PORON Case Foam

MonsGeek M1 HE has undergone an upgrade, transitioning to Poron case foam with superior elasticity compared to M1.

*Disclaimer: Using thicker foam may reduce flex, whether to include it or not is down to your personal preference


VHB Insulation Layer

A VHB insulation layer has been added to the bottom case in order to prevent any short-circuit issues. It’s rare for these issues to occur but we want to add extra protection.

Accessories to Play With

Extra teflon pads included for users who wish to perform a force break mod.

Extra tape for users who wish to perform a tape mod.

MonsGeek includes a 3mm PORON foam for a balanced feeling. Disclaimer: the foam will affect the overall sound profile and flex.

MonsGeek M1 HE-SP


MonsGeek’s first aluminum keyboard features magnetic switches and is also backwardly compatible with 3-pin mechanical switches.

User Manual

Gasket Mount


USB Type-C


South-facing RGB

Hot Swappable:


N-Key Rollover:


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amazing keyboard

I just returned a Corsair K70 rgb pro with optic switches, and I can tell this keyboard is 1000 times better, and cheaper!
- Great weight, around 2 kgs
- Prelubed stabilisers
- Great structure, and best sound I've ever heard
- Very fast switches and 100% customizable
- Great quality knob

Very slick keyboard

I love the sound and I love the texture of the keycaps. The keyboard is very heavy, all made of metal, which makes it stay un the table exactly where I positioned it. I haven't tested all the magnetic switches features yet, only the .5 and 2.0 mm quick setting (fn-1 and 2), it really works as advertised. I briefly tested the rapid trigger in notepad and the response is as expected. I'm happy 😁

Great Quality

Great quality keyboard. Works perfectly. Heavy and quality. Dks and Rapid triggers works with minimal latency. Definetly will buy again something from Akko and Monsgeek

Un clavier parfait

Clavier parfait :
- Très réactif,
- Un son et une sensation de frappe très satisfaisante.
- La possibilité de personnaliser entièrement le clavier.
- Une très grande qualité au niveau des matériaux.
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