(Discontinued) Silent Keycap Set Cherry Profile

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Profile: Cherry Profile

The Beauty of Gray in Modern Still Life

Giorgio Morandi is exceptionally renowned for his subtle use of gray. The Italian artist’s works adopted a muted and pale color palette, and the tone has also become representative as “Morandi Colors”. Akko Silent picks this color tone with advanced gray texture, together with ice blue and cool purple supplementary keycaps. The keyboard creates a quiet, silent and gentle appearance, giving users elegance, sincerity and comfort.

AKKO Silent 177 Keys Cherry Profile Double-shot PBT Full Keycaps Set with Custom Storage Box for Mechanical Keyboard Replacement.

Please note: This is Keycap! Keycap! Keycap only! Not Keyboard !!!

Product Display

Product Specs

Keycaps profile: Cherry profile
Number of keycaps: 177keycaps
Material: double-shot PBT
Compatibility: 60%/65%/75%/80% or full size, any layout in general
Special Keys Diagram
Spacebar: 6.25U/7U
Shift: 2.25/2.75/1.75U
Enter: 2.25/2U
Tab: 1.5U
CapsLock: 1.75U/Stepped keycaps
Backspace: 2U

What’s in the Package?
-AKKOSilentKeycaps set
-Keycap puller
-A well-made storage box