SPR 67 DIY Kit

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Akko New Release

SPR 67 DIY Kit

Compact 67-key Layout

SPR 67 DIY Kit

Enjoy ultra flex with Akko’s new spring mount structure
65% – Slim Space for a Clean Desk.

Please note: Do not pull out the accessories on the PCBA board, especially the terminals and signal lines. It can easily cause damage to the terminal pins and cause losses.

Defects resulting from disassembly of our product, improper usage and incorrect installation are not covered by warranty.


Hotswap Socket

Detachable USB

PORON Poron Foam

Plate Mount Stabilizer

Spring Mount Structure 

The plate of SPR67 is exclusively supported by springs, that you can select to adjust the flexibility. Akko provides 3 sets of springs with different forces so that you can make it stiff or flex by your own.

120g, 170g, 230g (7pcs each);

Please note: The colour of the counterweight will actually appear to be a rose gold colour due to the angle and light, the above image is for reference only.

SPR 67 DIY Kit


Learn more about the SPR 67 DIY Kit ​such as the hotkeys, system commands, backlight setting, and more in the user manual.

User Manual

SPR 67 Barebone



Case Material:



USB Type C



Customer Reviews

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SPR 67 DIY Kit - I couldn`t ask for better

So now that i`ve been using the SPR 67 for a couple of months I can say that this keyboard is everything that you can ask for a 65% keyboard with a really good cost/quality.
The spring mouted is something else, the build quality is as clear as the water its really well build without the anoying ping sound.
For that price having a wired cable (wich is really nice) you get some really good plate mount stabilizers.
Since its a DIY its really easy to put it togheter.
Besides the keyboard i want to give a big thank you to Akko team, they are an incredible team that helped me during the process since I had a small issue.