V3 Cream Yellow Pro Switch (45pcs)

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Type: Linear
Akko Switch Guide
Our switches have been lubricated by the factory and you can hand lubricate it again by yourself.
Name Type Spring Operating Force Tactile Force End Force Total Travel Pre Travel Tactile Position Durability
V3 Cream Blue Pro Tactile 20±0.5mm 45±5gf 55±5gf 60gf Max 3.30mm 2.20±0.5mm 0.5mm 50 million
V3 Cream Yellow Pro Linear 20±0.5mm 50±5gf N/A 55±5gf 3.30mm 2.00+0.5mm N/A 50 million
V3 Silver Pro Linear 16.5±0.3mm 40±5gf N/A 50gf Max 3.30mm 1.00±0.5mm N/A 50 million
V3 Cream Black Pro Linear 21.8±0.5mm 55±5gf N/A 65gf Max 3.30mm 2.00±0.5mm N/A 50 million
V3 Lavender Purple Pro Tactile 21.5±0.5mm 40±5gf 55±5gf 55gf Max 3.80mm 1.90±5mm N/A 50 million
V3 Crystal Pro Linear 17.0±0.4mm 45±5gf N/A 60gf Max 3.80mm 2.00±0.5mm N/A 50 million
V3 Matcha Green Pro Linear 16.5±0.3mm 55±5gf N/A 65gf Max 3.80mm 2.00±0.5mm N/A 50 million
V3 Piano Pro Old Linear 20±0.5mm 45±5gf N/A 50gf Max 3.50mm 1.90±0.5mm 0.4mm 50 million
Fairy Silent Linear 17.0±0.4mm 35±5gf N/A 55gf Max 3.30mm 2.00±0.5mm N/A 50 million
Penguin Silent Tactile 16.5±0.3mm 43±5gf 58±5gf 60gf Max 3.30mm 2.00±0.5mm 0.4mm 50 million
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Linear | 5-pin | Factory lubed

V3 Cream Yellow Pro Switch (45pcs)

Upgraded version of Cream Yellow.

V3 Cream Yellow Pro Switch (45pcs)

Type: Linear
Operating Force: 50 ± 10gf
Total Travel: 3.3 mm
Pre Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5 mm
Tactile Position: N/A
Tactile Force: N/A

45 pcs a box.

Major Changes:

  • 5-Pin switches (better stability)
  • Dustproof stem (better stability)
  • Upgrade silver contact to palladium gold
  • Upgrade phosphor copper to alloy copper
  • Lubed rail to reduce friction

Overall it should bring a more consistent typing experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Awesome typing experience

The quality of these switches is really good. They are a bit on the louder side and are prelubed, saving you a lot of time doing it yourself. Installed these on a Royal Kludge RK84.

Works great!

Quality of the switches is really good for the price!
They feel amazing to type with and are pre-lubed.
Guaranteed a recommendation for sure!

Great Quality

The switches came with a good amount of lube on them and felt smooth out the box. Delivery time did take a while however hence the 4 star review.

Support au top

J'ai acheté un clavier sans fil et Bluetooth, livré très rapidement. Je l'ai essayé et le sans fil ne fonctionnait pas, j'ai alors contacté le support.
Après quelques échanges, ils m'ont envoyé une carte PCB et une batterie neuve, et tout fonctionne depuis.

Merci de la qualité et de la réactivité du support !

Made my keyboard work

I put them on an Iqunix zx75, that came with Cherry MX Browns. They were pingy af. I was delighted when I replaced them with these switches. The lubing is done right and the sound and feel are both great. They took 15 days to ship to Greece and did not pay any import taxes. Overall great experience.