White on Black ABS SAL Keycap Set (195-Key)

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Profile: SAL

White on Black Keycap ABS SAL Set(195-Key)

Comes with the leveled SAL profile (R4/R4/R3/R3/R3/R3), Akko’s SAL ABS series is set to bring you a different and unique exclusive experience against conventional SA profile keycaps; The keycaps are made through the Double Shot process;
With Mac modifier, ISO enter, as well as a range of keycaps for different layouts.


- Novelty Key Caps Come with extra replacement keycaps, and you will enjoy great fun of free matching for your mechanical keyboard.

- Keycaps Removal Tool Available Come with Akko compact high-quality wire style keycap puller, easy to take keycaps from keyboard off. No need to order extra tools, save money.