5075S Shine-Through

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Color: Black
Switch: Akko CS Wine Red

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Gasket Mount Keyboard with Knob (Single Mode Edition (Wired));

Akko ASA translucent PBT keycaps;
Comes with the new Akko TPU Double Shot Plate Mount Stabilizer;

Poron plate foam + case foam;
Rotating knob: Colour matched and with an extra gold knob;
Supports Akko Cloud Driver;


5075S Shine-Through Black with Akko CS Wine Red/ Akko CS Wine White.

5075S Shine-Through White with Akko CS Wine Red/ Akko CS Wine White

Note: 5075S  Shine-Through White mit Akko CS Wine Red ( NO logo on the keyboard)

RGB LED backlight+ Hot-swap + Wired(USB-C Mode) + Translucent keycaps All in one!
- Equipped with premium hotswappable sockets, allowing users to swap out the switches they want at a later date.

Anti-ghosting keys
- With the N-Key Rollover (NKRO) function, the keyboard supports simultaneous key presses without problems, which is especially important for optimising the gaming experience.

PBT Double-shot keycaps with ASA Profile
- All keycaps are made of PBT and the inscriptions are produced using the double-shot process, which is one of the most durable inscription methods to prevent wear or discolouration with use.

Silicone Gasket Mounted with Aluminium Plate & PC Plate


- 5075S Shine-through Black with Knob(75% Layout / 82 Keys)

- Akko CS Wine White/ Red Switch

Key functions and macros are programmable via Akko Cloud Driver

Customer Reviews

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The problem with buying

Can you please restock these keyboards already? I've been trying to buy this keyboard for a month and it's still sold out. I know it's a great keyboard, but it's almost impossible that it hasn't been sold out for months.

First customizable mech. keyboard

As title says it's the first time i try a keyboard like this and the experience is majestic so far. If you need to upgrade your gear or simply want to take the next step I think the 5075B is one of the best starting point :)

I love your keyboard

I recently bought your product, it is the first keyboard from you that I have in my hands. It's is just fckn great. I love that.

Great Product

Great product so far
I like it...