5087S Shine-Through

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Color: Black
Switch: Akko CS Jelly Pink
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ASA Profile translucent PBT double shot keycaps ( single mode edition ( wired ));
5087S Shine-Through Black with Akko CS Wine Red/ Akko CS Wine White.
5087S Shine-Through White with Akko CS Wine Red/ Akko CS Wine White

RGB LED backlighting + Hot-swap + Wired (USB-C mode) + Translucent keycaps all in one!

TKL Layout Compact;

5-pin hot-swappable with RGB backlight;

USB Type C wired mode;

Board and case foam;

Equipped with Akko CS jelly switches.

Hot-swappable - Equipped with high-quality hot-swappable sockets that allow users to swap out desired switches at a later date.

Anti-ghosting keys - With the N-Key Rollover (NKRO) function, the keyboard supports simultaneous key presses without conflicts, which is especially important for optimising the gaming experience.

Note: The actual colour may differ slightly from the pictures due to the different settings of the device.