ACR 75 v2 DIY Kit

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Color: White

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V2 of ACR 75 

If knob is not a necessity, while you do need south-facing PCB and better RGB, then this might be the right beginner's board for you.

  • Underglow RGB

  • South-facing PCB

  • Akko Cloud Driver

  • Gasket Mount

  • Reinforcing USB-C Protection Badge

  • Polycarbonate Plate

  • Akko Double-Shot TPU Plate-Mount Stabilizer (Support Screw-in Stab)

Offer in black and white transparent colorways:
ACR 75 V2 - White
ACR 75 V2 - Black

Accessory: Switch Puller, Coiled Cable, Keycap Puller, Spare Daughterboard, Silicone Gaskets, Screwdriver.