ACR 67 DIY Kit

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Color: White


  • Akko's first DIY kit for acrylic gaskets;
  • Gasket holder (3.0 mm high-density EVA);
  • Wired Type-C (also supports Type-C to Type-C);
  • RGB backlight with 6028 SMD LED;
  • Housing material: Acrylic, laser, CNC, sandblast;
  • FR4 board;
  • Hot-swappable 5-pin TTC socket;
  • Plate stabiliser;
  • Foam for noise reduction (3.5 mm high-density EVA);
  • Windows/MacOS/Linux;
  • Comes with a spiral cable (matching acrylic paint).
NOTE: All acrylic DIY kits come with two Akko switches installed on the upper left and lower right buttons for positioning purposes only.